10 Lines on Visit to a Zoo for Class 1 & 2

1️⃣ I visited a zoo with my family last Sunday.

2️⃣ In the zoo, there were many animals, birds, fish etc.

3️⃣ I saw there some wild animals such as lions, tigers, bears, wolves, leopards etc.

4️⃣ All the wild animals were kept in big cages for the safety of visitors.

5️⃣ The zoo was full of voices of different animals. It felt like I was in a jungle.

6️⃣ I was amazed to see the length of the throat of Jirraffe. Before, I had seen a Jirraffe only in books.

7️⃣ The acts of monkeys entertained me the most. They were hanging in their cages and eating bananas.

8️⃣ There were also many beautiful and colourful birds that brought my attention.

9️⃣ I roamed here and there in the zoo for long hours but I did not feel tired.

🔟 It was an awesome experience of my life. I have decided to visit the zoo again with my friends.

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