10 Lines On Trees

  1. Trees are our best friends because they give us pure oxygen to breathe.
  2. They give us tasty and healthy fruits like apples and pomegranates.
  3. They also provide us with vegetables for our daily meals.
  4. Human beings and some herbivorous animals depend on trees for food.
  5. They also consume carbon dioxide from the environment.
  1. Trees keep mother earth healthy and well.
  2. Birds find shelter in trees to make their nests on them.
  3. We get awesome fragrances of flowers because of trees.
  4. Trees are like a natural air purifier that works for free.
  5. Trees are helpful to reduce air pollution and land pollution.
  1. In the summer season, they give us shadows to protect us from deep sunlight.
  2. Not only humans but animals also get protection because of trees.
  3. Also, They provide us with cool wind in the Hot weather of summer.
  4. Trees are the real beauty of mother earth and make it look awesome.

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