10 Lines On Teacher’s Day

  1. Teacher’s Day is a great celebration of schools.
  2. This day we thank our teachers for their work and dedication.
  3. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the 5th of September every year in India.
  4. On this day, all the students arrange treats for the teachers.
  5. We decorate the classrooms like there is a festival.
  1. There are no studies on this date and only enjoyment for students and teachers.
  2. I like and love all my teachers because they make us good people.
  3. Being a teacher is a challenging job but they do it for our future.
  4. A teacher is the most influential person in a student’s life.
  5. Sometimes we listen to our teachers more than our parents.
  1. Teachers love us like our family members and we also do the same.
  2. Our teachers always enlighten us with information and guide us throughout life.
  3. Students always recognise their teachers because of the endless contribution they deliver to their lives.
  4. We, students, pray to God for the good of our teachers.

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