10 Lines On Save Environment For Kids

  1. The conditions in which we all live are called the environment.
  2. All living beings need a suitable environment to live comfortably.
  3. Our environment is made up of air, temperature, weather, water etc.
  4. If anyone of these gets disturbed, we will face serious problems.
  5. For example, we will face problems breathing if the air gets polluted.
  1. So there is a need to save the environment from any type of change.
  2. Pollution of every type is the first cause that damages the environment.
  3. Some other causes are global warming and deforestation.
  4. We need to control all these causes to save the environment.
  5. We can do a lot of things to save the environment.
  1. The government should stop deforestation at all levels.
  2. People should do their duties to control pollution.
  3. We need to plant more trees around us to save the environment.
  4. Also, one can use a cycle to cover short distances.
  5. We must use natural resources in a controlled manner.

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