10 lines On Noise Pollution for kids

  1. Noise pollution is a type of pollution.
  2. Noise pollution happens from Useless and disturbing sounds.
  3. Traffic noise, High volume music and many more are reasons for noise pollution.
  4. It is mainly caused by loudspeakers, loud music, noise from industries, etc.
  5. It is very harmful to all of us. It creates a bad impact on our health.
  1. It can disturb our sleeping patterns.
  2. It can also disturb our focus on studies.
  3. Noise pollution can make us deaf in some cases.
  4. We should not make useless noise in homes and classrooms.
  5. We should tell everyone not to make useless noise.
  1. Noise pollution is more dangerous for animals and old age people.
  2. Animals can hear disturbing sounds more deeply than humans.
  3. We should always take care of every living being like pets and animals.
  4. And Old age people feel uncomfortable with loud noise.
  5. So, We should not play loud music in houses if our elders get disturbed.

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