10 Lines On Newspaper In English

  1. A newspaper is a printed booklet that is full of news.
  2. NEWS is an acronym (short form) of North East West South.
  3. Because it represents happenings from all four directions.
  4. It is very important to read the newspaper every day.
  5. It helps us to know about the happenings in the world.
  1. Newspaper is also important for students.
  2. We get to know many things that are not in books.
  3. It also helps us to know about urgent school-offs.
  4. The newspaper keeps the news from every field.
  5. Sports lovers can get news related to sports.
  6. Businessmen can get news for their business.
  7. And It is full of entertaining information.
  1. Newspapers also give some interesting G.K. puzzles to solve.
  2. Students get news about exams and career guidance.
  3. The newspaper has a lot of important advertisements.
  4. But some of them are fake and misleading.
  5. My father reads the newspaper while having breakfast every day.
  6. I also read it a little bit every day and share the news with my friends.

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