10 Lines On Nature For Kids

  • Nature is a beautiful gift from God.
  • Whatever you see around yourself is a part of nature.
  • There are only two types of things in the world.
  • The first things are made by humans and the others are not made by humans.
  • Things that can not be made by humans are natural things.
  • All the living things, animals, humans, sun, moon, mountains etc,
  • Nature is a set of these natural things together.
  • Nature is something that makes life possible on Earth.
  • We can not live for a moment without Nature’s support.
  • It provides us with all the things we need like fresh water and healthy food.
  • It also gives us a suitable environment to live life comfortably.
  • Trees provide us with oxygen, fruits, wood and medicines.
  • The sun gives sunlight which is the biggest source of energy and heat.
  • The high mountains protect us from storms.
  • Rivers give us water which is a basic need for all living organisms.

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