10 lines On Natural Disaster

  1. A natural disaster is a negative natural event.
  2. Natural disasters can damage the environment.
  3. They can also take many lives at once.
  4. Natural disasters are very bad for living beings.
  5. There are many types of natural disasters.
  1. An earthquake is a type of natural disaster.
  2. Earthquake means the vibration or shaking of the earth.
  3. This shaking of the earth can pull down buildings.
  4. A Flood is another type of natural disaster.
  5. The overflow of water spread all around is called a flood.
  6. Floods can come because of heavy rains.
  1. We can not control natural disasters.
  2. But we can surely do something for less damage.
  3. We should make our houses strong and disaster-proof.
  4. We must save water to prevent drought.
  1. A drought is a condition of low groundwater levels.
  2. We must plant more and more trees to save our planet.
  3. Technology can help us detect natural disasters before time.
  4. Researchers are developing those technologies.

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