10 Lines on Myself

  1. My name is Angel Sharma.
  2. I study in Class 1 (or 2/3/4/5) at St. Teresa Convent.
  3. I am a 7-year-old ( your age) girl and I stay in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  4. My father’s name is Raj Sharma and my mother’s name is Pooja Sharma.
  5. I have two elder brothers and I’m the youngest in my family.
  1. My father is an engineer and my mother is a teacher.
  2. I respect all my teachers and I have lots of friends at school.
  3. I love going to school to study with my friends.
  4. I love watching cartoons and listening to music.
  1. My favourite subjects are mathematics and the English language.
  2. I like to solve math problems also I am learning the skill of public speaking.
  3. I also like listening to stories from my grandparents.
  4. Every night they tell me interesting stories.
  5. I want to become a doctor in future and serve the people.

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