10 Lines On My Mother For Kids

  1. ✔ My mother’s name is Pari Sharma. She is a schoolteacher.
  2. ✔ She is very beautiful and pretty. She cares for me and my family.
  3. ✔ She loves me very much and I also love her very much.
  4. ✔ She is my first friend in life. She sometimes plays with me.
  5. ✔ I like to be with my mother and enjoy her company.
  1. ✔ She cooks very tasty food for me. She buys me toys and new clothes.
  2. ✔ My mother teaches me and helps me in my study.
  3. ✔ She does not punish me but tells me to do good things.
  4. ✔ She tells me nice stories at night and I like to listen to stories.
  5. ✔ She wakes up in the morning early before everyone in my family.
  1. ✔ After some time she wakes me up and helps me to get ready for school.
  2. ✔ I do not know how she knows everything I need before I ask.
  3. ✔ I discuss everything with her after returning from school.
  4. ✔ I pray to god to keep my mother safe and healthy.

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