10 Lines on My Favourite Subject for Class 2, 3

  1. My favourite subject is General Knowledge.
  2. This subject is not limited to a single field.
  3. It helps me improve my knowledge and facts.
  4. You can explore a lot of information related to sports, animals, planets, nature etc.
  5. I love to read G.K. Books whenever I get free time.
  1. Some of the facts written in G.K.’s Book make me amazed.
  2. I made a separate notebook in which I write some very interesting facts.
  3. I tell these facts to my parents, relatives and friends.
  4. They appreciate my knowledge but don’t let them know the source of my knowledge 😉.
  5. I eagerly wait to get to the new class so that I can get a new G.K. Book.

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