10 lines On My Father My Hero

  • My father’s name is Mr Akhilesh Aggarwal.
  • He is a businessman by profession and is a hardworking person.
  • He was in a village in Uttar Pradesh state.
  • My father has two brothers and one sister and he is the youngest of them.
  • He is an intelligent person who answers all my doubts.
  • He is liked by all our relatives, friends and neighbours.
  • My father respects every person in the world.
  • He always teaches me moral values and good manners.
  • He is very punctual and regular in their work.
  • He always follows self-discipline and gives me advice for the same.
  • My father encourages me to do better in exams and in life.
  • He loves his parents, my mother and me very much.
  • I daily talk to him and discuss all my doubts with him.
  • He mentors me with my doubts in a good way.
  • I love my father very much and I always pray to god for him.
  • My Father is my role model and I want to become like him.

Essay On My Father My hero In 150 Words

Father’s love and affection are less noticed and less discussed. Everyone just talks about the mother’s love and affection. But the father also holds a special significance in a child’s upbringing and care. One of the greatest gifts from God is My father.

My father is the one who always maintains a balance in every aspect of life. One of his qualities that creates a deep impact on me is valuing time. He always advises me not to waste time saying that it is the most valuable thing in the world.

Every son or daughter surely likes his or her father. But I like my father for his extraordinary point of view. The way he perceives the world is very strange. He even brings something positive in any negative circumstances.

My father also has all the qualities that should one human being possess. He is a real-life superhero for me. He always takes care of his family and also manages his professional life efficiently. I want to become like my father because my father is my hero.

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