10 Lines On Health Is Wealth

  1. Being healthy is a fortune for everyone.
  2. Health is wealth means a healthy body is priceless.
  3. We can be healthy with the help of some simple habits.
  4. We should take healthy meals prepared at home.
  1. We should eat our meals at a regular time daily.
  2. We also need to drink milk daily to keep our bones healthy.
  3. We must exercise daily to keep ourselves healthy.
  4. We should not sleep more than 8 hours to get a healthy life.
  1. Also, We should not eat junk food because they make us unhealthy.
  2. Junk food is not good for our health and makes us ill.
  3. My grandfather always tells me that health is wealth.
  4. This is true and we should always keep these words in mind.
  1. If our body is not healthy, We can not do things easily in life.
  2. Good health is a gift from God so always value your health.

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