10 Lines on Global Warming

1️⃣ Our planet Earth is getting warmer Year by Year. This condition is simply called Global warming.
2️⃣ It is a serious problem for all living beings. It is also affecting the environment.
3️⃣ If the temperature will go very high, our life will become tough.
4️⃣ The life of animals, birds, and plants will also get in danger.
5️⃣ We will also face a water shortage problem, So start saving water.

6️⃣ Carbon dioxide is a Greenhouse gas and a reason for Global warming.
7️⃣ Greenhouse gases absorb radiation and make the environment warm.
8️⃣ Vehicles like cars and bikes produce a lot of carbon dioxide. We need to use vehicles as little as possible.
9️⃣ We can use a bicycle to cover short distances. Help the earth to live a comfortable life.
🔟 Trees inhale carbon dioxide from the environment. So we can plant more trees to reduce global warming.

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