10 Lines On Computer for kids

  • A computer is an electronic machine that is very useful today.
  • A computer is made up of different parts.
  • Some parts are used to enter information. These are called input devices.
  • Keyboards and mice are input devices.
  • CPU is the brain of the computer that does all the calculations.
  • CPU stands for the central processing unit.
  • The monitor and printer are output devices that give us results.
  • The father of the computer is Charles Babbage.
  • The computer makes every work fast and easy without mistakes.
  • The computer is used in every field like schools, hospitals, and airports.
  • I like to learn computer concepts taught in my school.
  • A computer is also used to watch movies, and play games.
  • It also helps us in our studies, we can complete our school projects.
  • Computers are used to make files and documents without using paper.
  • It has made our life very comfortable.

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