10 Lines of Festival Holi for kids

1️⃣ Holi is a festival of colours and we play lots of colours this day.
2️⃣ We can see ourselves around the colours this day. It is a festival for two to three days.
3️⃣ Schools announce a holiday on this occasion. Before the main celebration, we do Holika Dahan.
4️⃣ People burn an effigy of the demon Holika on Holika Dahan. Holika Dahan is a sign of victory over evil.
5️⃣ It is celebrated between February and March month. kids enjoy this festival very much.

6️⃣ We splash coloured water and Gulaal on others. I like to play with Pichkari and Balloons.
7️⃣ We dance to Bollywood songs and sing along. No one gets angry at you for your actions.
8️⃣ We wear new clothes after playing and visit friends’ homes.
9️⃣ We eat a lot of sweets and dishes and Gujhiya.
🔟 We all experience this festival with our loved ones, family, and friends.

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