10 Lines Essay On Cricket For Kids

  • Cricket is the most popular game in the world.
  • This game is the most-watched sport in India.
  • It is my favourite game and I play cricket with my friends.
  • We play cricket using a bat, a ball, and two sets of stumps.
  • It is played between two teams of eleven players.
  • Each team has bowlers, Batsmen, and fielders.
  • This game starts with a toss deciding which team will bat first.
  • One who throws the ball is called a bowler.
  • And the one who hits the ball with a bat is called a batsman.
  • Each team gets a chance for batting to score runs.
  • The winning team is that scores more runs than another team.
  • I play cricket with my friends in the school’s playground.
  • My team members give me a chance to bat first because I can score more runs.
  • I am also a good bowler and fielder because I love cricket from the heart.
  • I never get bored of watching cricket on TV.

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